For a number of years now…  I’ve had this growing discontentment with Society and the Status Quo… and How-Things-Are.

I just don’t believe in it any more.

In fact, not only do I NOT believe in it… I think it’s poisonous.  And life-sucking.  And vile.

It’s ironic – because, for many years, I slotted in neatly with Society’s Ideals and the things deemed important by the Powers-that-Be.  For years… decades… I never QUESTIONED.  I didn’t question authority… I didn’t question the government… I didn’t question our way of life… I didn’t question what my school teachers told me… I didn’t question what my pastor told me… I didn’t question what I read in magazines or what I watched on TV… I didn’t question the TV adverts… I didn’t question the assumption that life was to be lived in a certain “way”…

For years…  I just didn’t question.

I slotted neatly into the System.  And I did what I was told.

I shopped the way that my mother had shopped… buying the same brand of dishwashing liquid (Sunlight)… the same household cleaner (Handy Andy)… the same flavour of cheese (cheddar)… the same crackers (Provita)… the same margarine (Rama)…  out of – I dunno – some kind of automatic brain setting – to just continue doing the “done thing”…

These days, I think “The Done Thing” is what’s killing us (literally and figuratively) – and this planet.  I fucking hate The Done Thing!

We moved into the suburban house… and got into debt… and amassed a mountain of stuff… because, it was The Done Thing.  And nobody questioned it.

Nobody questioned the debt… the shopping… the regular mall excursions… and the amassing of cheap-shit-from-China.  Nobody questioned the blind allegiance to Big Brands… or Political Parties… or Church Denominations.

I mean… jeez… when I was a kid, I can’t remember a single adult (or person from our church) address… or discuss… or explain… the system of apartheid.  It wasn’t considered polite dinner conversation.  It wasn’t considered “appropriate”.  It wasn’t The Done Thing.  

And I grew up learning not to ask uncomfortable questions… and to shut-up about things that could get me in trouble and cause offence.

Going to church and being a Christian was (for me) the Done Thing too.  My mother became a Christian when I was two.  I was raised in church.  It was natural and normal to just… carry on doing… The Done Thing.

Going to school, of course, was also The Done Thing.  I mean, who doesn’t send their kids to school?  What kind of weirdo-nutters would even consider such a blasphemous aberration?

Getting married was the Done Thing…  (in a big white dress… with a religious person to officiate… and mass amounts of Dad’s cash blown on canapés, cocktails and colour-coordinated bunting)…

Babies… and baby-rituals like baby-showers…  all The Done Thing.

Working from 8-5… Monday to Friday… for the rest of one’s life until one eventually retired… was also – very definitely – The Done Thing (whether you actually enjoyed your work was considered irrelevant).

Marching to the Cadence of the Corporate Drum – The Done Thing.

Sitting in rush hour traffic every week day – The Done Thing.

Eagerly counting the days until Friday – The Done Thing.

Voting – The Done Thing (regardless of how corrupt, how power-hungry the politicians are… regardless of how you don’t believe – AT ALL – in any of them… in any of their promises… in any of their systems).

Wearing the latest fashions was The Done Thing (God forbid you mince out of your front door proudly boasting a mullet and a muffin-top)….

Owning a big TV… subscribing to cable… and watching soap operas and Reality TV every night was also The Done Thing.

Being the same as everyone else – The Done Thing.

Fitting In – The Done Thing (children, in particular, learn this from a very early age).

Eating lots of sugar and refined carbs… and feasting on the crappy plasticky food at places like Spur, KFC, McDonalds…  all The Done Thing.

Quaffing down processed, chemically-laden food of all varieties – The Done Thing…  (“What’s actually in a Tinkie?  Who knows!  Who cares?”)

Buying cheap… buying discount… shopping-for-bargains… buying-on-sale… (whilst never, for a millisecond, considering The Price… the REAL price… of what cheap shit costs humanity and the planet)…  all The Done Thing.

Caring more about the articles in the gossip mags… and the latest celebrity scandal (rather than the woes our planet is inflicting upon itself)… definitely The Done Thing.

Caring more about gossip and what-Mavis-wore-to-church-on-Sunday…  than giving a steaming turd about wars, weapons, sweat-shops, child labour which WE support with our buying choices) – The Done Thing!

Endless…. unrelenting…. unquestioned…. CONSUMING…. CONSUMING… CONSUMING… (in every imaginable way)…. The-Done-Fucking-THING!!!

Complacent acceptance of the world’s woes…“Oh well, it is what it is.  There’s nothing I could possibly do to change anything.  The problems are too big.  Sorry, gotta go… I’m missing an episode of the Kardashians…”…. The Done Thing.


Suffice to say…

I am DONE… with the DONE THING.

Just letting you know.