Ok… so anyone who knows me… know that I have a “thing” about songs and lyrics.  For some unfathomable reason, I seem to retain lyrics (to thousands of songs!).  I often joke that if my high school teachers sang their lessons… I would have got top marks!

Yesterday, I was writing course material for my new business idea… and suddenly a song dropped into my head (as they tend to do).  So – if you’re feeling bold…  I now would like you to SING the following song (to the tune of Doe-a-Deer):

One day when I get some cash

Then… I’ll go on holiday…

One day when, I find some time

Then… I’ll learn to make soufflé

One day when I’m feeling fine

One day when the stars align

One day when I’m rich and keen…

I will finally live my dream!

I’ve christened it the “One-Day-When” song!

Hee-hee!  🙂