For a long time, Joah and Morgan would excitedly present me with their artwork and illustrations – and I was never quite sure what to do with them.  Sure, I could magnet a few paintings to the fridge… but it wasn’t long before their pictures would get old and tatty.  The rest of their art usually ended up stuffed in a drawer or in a box.

Last Christmas, I was wondering what to give family and friends as Christmas presents.  I’m really not a big fan of what the Festive Season has become.  Most people shop at big malls and big stores… buying cheap, plastic, made-in-China toys and gifts (with a very short life span).  I didn’t want to go that route.  I wanted to give friends and family something special and personal… something that would make them smile.  Something that would remind them of us – as a family.

Joah had recently illustrated a selection of ghosts that he was very proud of.  This is what his original picture looked like:

Joah's Art

I decided to play around a bit – so I scanned in his artwork… imported it in to my graphics programme… added colour… and created 5 unique pieces of art, based on Joah’s ghosts – which then looked like this:

Joah's Ghosts

For Joah’s Ghosts, I decided to make a set of button badges.  The finished badges look like this:


Joah was very proud of his ghosts.  Here’s a photo of him wearing them:


After I’d made the button badges… I thought:  “How will people even know what these are?”.  I wanted family and friends to immediately recognise that the designs on the badges were drawn by Joah… and that they were ghosts.

So – I took a photo of Joah making a scary ‘ghost face’… and designed a tag for the badges.  This is what the final product looked like:



We were very happy with the final result… and we excitedly wrapped them up (together with a collection of fridge magnets and greeting cards containing illustrations of Joah’s dragons and dinosaurs).  They were given to family and friends as a personal gift-from-Joah.

Everyone loved them!

In fact, everyone loved them so much… that they suggested I do this kind of thing for other kids too!

And thus… Eezil was born!

I consider myself a curator of kid’s creations.  You send me a high-res image of your child’s art – and I can create anything from button badges to fridge magnets, personalised stationery, invitations, party favours, gifts, goodies, T-shirts – you name it!

As you can see from the images above, I go to a lot of effort to make the items look unique and appealing – whilst still retaining the child’s original illustration.  I don’t just scan in a jpeg and slap it on a coffee mug.  Any local photo developing store can do that for you.  Instead, I make an extra effort to use my skills in graphic design and illustration to create something that is true to the original artwork provided – but that still has a contemporary edge that makes it appealing to folk of all ages.

Here’s a few more photos of what I’ve done this month…

Joah drew a range of dragons and dinosaurs.  Here’s one of his original illustrations:


And here’s what we made… (fridge magnets!)… 🙂


And then Morgan wanted to get involved too… so she drew a whole range of cute little pictures….


…which I made into a range of greeting cards:


… and then, Joah drew a range of “Dragon Blowers”…

joah…. which I then made into postcards…

joah's dragon blowers… which he is now eagerly posting all over the world!  (If you want to receive a postcard from Joah – send your postal address to…



So… there you have it!

Eezil is now up and running (and accepting orders from all over the world!).

I’m not going to use this blog of mine (Living Differently) to punt too much of Eezil… but if you are a parent… or you enjoy art… or kids… or both… it would be awesome if you could like our Eezil Facebook Page.

Cool Beans!

I now have kids to bath… mess to clean… and I could do with a coffee.  I’ll blog later about other random stuff…