About 3 weeks ago, I introduced my mom to downtown Jozi.  We started at the Neighbourgoods Market in Braamfontein.  

Neighbourgoods is mostly a food market (with a few bits and pieces of fashion upstairs).  The market is known for it’s freshly prepared food – and people flock there every Saturday to sample interesting goodies and enjoy lunch on the upstairs terrace.

Here are some pics…


We purchased the best brownies EVER from the same place that bakes this bread…


A basket full of interesting mushrooms… they sold hot, mushroom kebabs – omigosh, soooo yum!



This pie store makes the best pies! Mom and I both enjoyed a pie for lunch.


IMG_2891 IMG_2892






Organic chocolate!…!

After a very satisfying morning browsing Neighbourgoods, we stopped at Velo for cappuccino (very yum!)… and had an interesting chat about why so many people don’t even realise what a gem Braamfontein has become.

Then we hopped into the car and drove to the fashion district… we browsed a huge fabric shop and bought some pink shwe-shwe fabric for my floppy hat… and topped it off with a cool drink at the Fashion Shack (while watching traditional dancers perform in the square).  Mom loved it!  I’m going to take her downtown again – next time to Arts on Main.

Afterwards – we drove back to Mom’s place – and spent the rest of the day making a big floppy hat (for me!).

Here’s an unknown fact-about-Heather…  I have a BIG head!  It sucks because I luuurve hats… and hats that you buy in shops simply do NOT fit my extra-large noggin!  I have tried on hundreds of sun hats… trying to find a large-rimmed hat that will actually fit my head (all to no avail).  So – eventually – I decided to ask my mom to make me one (as a 40th birthday prezzie).  Interesting fact about Mom:  she’s an ex-fashion-designer… and a very skilled seamstress and pattern-maker!  She can sew pretty much anything!

So we made a pattern for a hat that fits my head… and Mom sewed it for me.  I’ll post some photos of the hat in a later post (I’m actually a bit behind with my blogging…  all kinds of news to share!)… (watch this space!).