In yesterday’s post – I added photos of our adventures, travels and experiences… but obviously, that’s only one dimension of our lives.  Today – I wanted to share some of our favourite family photos… hope you enjoy….

Above:  We got married on the 11th February 2005.  BEST decision EVER:  to marry Nicholas Costaras!!!!

Above:  We went to Austria for our honeymoon.  Because we live in a hot country – and every holiday is usually spent by the beach… I didn’t want a beach or island holiday for our honeymoon.  I wanted to go somewhere cold and snowy!  I wanted log cabins and cosy fireplaces!  I wanted mugs of hot chocolate!  I got all that – and more…  I am fortunate.  Blessed.  And grateful.

Above:  Okay – we LOVED the tobogganing in Austria – but we were embarrassingly under-dressed!  Check out Nick’s Island Style shoes  – and his corduroy pants (with laces tied to try and stop the snow from shooting up his legs when we were flying down the mountain side)… not to mention the leather jacket with only a thin top underneath!  We were hopelessly underprepared for snow sports!  Being African and all…  Never mind, next time we do this – I will make sure we’re dressed properly!  And I really look forward to doing this with the kids – they’d LOVE it!

Above:  At least I was slightly better dressed than Nick – the sheepskin boots, in particular:  WIN!  The 2 pairs of jeans worn at once:  fail!  Jean material does not work under these circumstances – at all!  We managed two runs down the mountainside, and that was it – I was an ice-block!  I couldn’t do any more!

Above:  This was rather blissful:  hot chocolate and apple strudel at Cafe Braun on the “Sound of Music” tour in Salzburg.

Above:  We got pregnant about a week after we arrived home from honeymoon.  Morgan was born on the 17th November 2005.  Life’s Top Three Most Beautiful Moments:  1: Marrying Nick.  2: Giving birth to Morgan.  3:  Giving birth to Joah.

Above:  My beautiful baby girl…. who is now six!!!  And she’s turning seven in November!  Where does time go?

Above:  Life with new baby.  We were in the process of renovating our home – and, as you can see, we didn’t have bedroom curtains.  I really love this photo of the 3 of us, adjusting to this whole new world.  Once two – now three!

Above:  Joah was born on the 10th March, 2008.  I can not – nor will I ever be able to describe – what I felt like when my children were placed in my arms for the very first time.  It’s like – my heart stretched out and instantly grew a massive, new chunk of love.

Above:  I really love this photo of my in-laws meeting Joah for the first time.  My father-in-law filming… my brother-in-law holding Joah while my mother-in-law looks on.  The expression on their faces:  priceless!

Above:  Morgan and her new little brother.  I have about 50 versions of this photo – and love all of them!

Above:  Another one of my favourite photos:  Nick reading Winnie the Pooh to Morgan & Joah.

Above:  I always thought this one of Joah – sitting in his Bumbo on the stove – was a classic!

Above:  My Mom with Joah.

Above:  One of my favourite photos of Morgan.

Above:  Another photo of Mom and Joah (this was taken on holiday)…

Above:  A cute photo of Mom and Morgan.  This was taken at the lagoon at The Pont – a caravan park where we always used to holiday as kids.  It was lovely being able to visit again with my kids.

Above:  A more recent photo of Morgan – taken during Easter 2012.

Above:  Joah enjoying some Dad-time.

Above:  In Cape Town – for our 7th year wedding anniversary.  What wonderful 7 years we’ve had!

Above:  Nick doing his Titanic pose.  Here’s to another 7 wonderful years!