My whole drawing-on-walls thing began only in about January 2016. 

Nick and I had discovered a sizeable crack (more crater-like, than crack’ish) in our lounge wall after we had peeled off some sackcloth-textured-wall-coating stuff.

The in-laws (who visited a day later) raised disapproving eyebrows at the wounded wall and suggested that we fix it neatly with Polyfiller and a coat of neutral-coloured paint.  Sensible solution… right?

But no.  Hat just has to be all weird about it… because Hat has this *thing* about covering up perceived flaws… (why yes, I am speaking in the third person today)…

So what does she do?

She decides to art‘ify the flaw… to enhance it… to celebrate it.

And since then… I have painted all kinds of things on all kinds of walls inside our home.  All kinds of stuff has come-out-the-hand;  flowy, organic shapes… geometric shapes and symbols… tributes to Bowie… angry rants… and all kinds of other random’ness.

And I’ve discovered that I really like painting big things on walls… (on my terms, of course).

Here’s some pics:

heather costaras wall art

Heather Costaras

heather costaras


Random Factoids...

  • As always… when I begin working on a painting, I have no idea what I’m doing.  I don’t have a finished image in my mind when I begin.  I don’t have a plan.  I just let the hand do what it wants to do… and what comes out – comes out.
  • I think I referenced Pink Floyd on the lounge wall for the simple reason that *that* song was in my head while I painted.  Perhaps because I was, after all, painting on a… (uh)… wall.