My theory on defensiveness

Has this happened to you? You share an opinion or a preference with somebody - and their default response is to assume that you're attacking their preference or opinion. Here's how it looks: "I love cats!" "So, what's wrong with dogs?  Dogs are also nice you know!" "I...
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Making peace with the fact that I’m not a children’s author…

I've been wanting to write this post for a while... but I've been endlessly second-guessing myself... and ruminating... and what-iffing... (y'know - the usual stuff I do!)... For those of you who have been on this journey with me for a while... you'll know that I...
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Why I ran away…

Aaah... the comfort zone. You know those, huh?  The familiar places we haunt.  Our homes... the homes of our favourite friends... our favourite coffee shop, restaurant or park... the known spaces we return to again and again. Why?  Because we know what to expect.  We...
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What coffee and alternative education have in common

When we began homeschooling / unschooling our kids a couple of years ago, I felt this tremendous pressure to explain ourselves... I wanted to go into great detail and explain our process, the reasons for our decision, our research and our journey... with every...
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JULY, 2016 I have been going through another metamorphosis of late... I do this every couple of years.  Mostly not on purpose... it just kinda... happens. I'm beginning to better understand these (inevitable) seasons of change.  And I'm also beginning to understand...
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A visual journey through my inconsistent creations

So... today I updated my "About Me" page with a long, rambling post... One of the things it has taken me a long time to come to terms with is my inconsistency... or maybe - a kinder way to say it is:  "Every-Day-Change". My HAT'ness (who I am) is pretty consistent......
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Am I a “real” artist?

So... for as long as I can possibly remember - I have had these stubborn stereotypes stuck in my head.  And for decades, I have used these stereotypes as yardsticks to measure myself (and my abilities).  Of course, I'm sure it comes as no surprise to many of you who...
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Dealing with my shit (and showing you my ME-Manifesto)

So... after yesterday's little melt-down... and - with much-appreciated support from friends and tribe'sters... today - I am squashing bugs and dealing with demons. The thing about change is that it's a journey and a process. It's not a "destination".  Nobody has...
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Are you drifting or sailing?

I have often been asked the "HOW" question. How did change happen?  What did it look like?  What steps were taken?  How did we know which direction to take?  How did the process all begin?  It's great that life changed so dramatically - but what was the PROCESS of...
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Preview of Hat’s book

So - as most of you already know - I have written and illustrated a book. Here's a preview of the first couple of pages (followed by a whole bunch of wonderful feedback from people all over the world): PS:  It's a poem - so read it out loud for the best effect. :-)...
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It’s finished.

In February 2014, I experienced a milestone moment. It happened during the first couple of weeks during our 7-month stay in Cape Town. At the time, I was in a very positive frame of mind.  I was in the process of deconstructing my old life and asking myself some tough...
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The Emancipation from the Expectation!

"Expectation is the root of all heartache" - Shakespeare Ugh.  Expectations.  I'm sure that every person reading this post knows about expectations:  the burdensome ideals place upon your life by other people (and oftentimes, yourself):    All those things you're...
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How my mother saved my sanity

So... it looks as though my blog post about Ken Robinson's "Gillian" story is picking up pace again... and I have been receiving a number of mails in my in-box. By the way - I love connecting!  And - as time-consuming as replying to everyone has been... it is...
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We ALL want the freedom to be ourselves

So... something new happened on my blog recently. A post of mine went a bit viral. Not viral (in terms of the internet)... not truly viral... but certainly viral for ME and my lil' ol' blog. I usually get around 100 visitors (to my blog) every day.  That...
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Why I’m choosing life over money

A couple of weeks ago, I kinda fell into an illustration job for a huge, multi-national corporation.  I haven't been actively looking for illustration work.  I've been happily (and busily) illustrating my own books and using my creative talent for my own projects....
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Hat's book is now available world-wide!

You can buy the book from Amazon, download a digital copy from Gumroad... or order from us directly. Click here to find out more!Click here to preview the book!

“I can’t explain the emotions your story and your illustrations provoke.  Powerful stuff.  It’s not every day that my husband tears up while reading a book”


“Your story and your poem hit me in the heart and reached my soul.  I burst into tears as I read your words because it resonated so deeply.  My sobbing, uncontrollable, as I considered all the people trapped in society’s ‘norm’.  You must get this message out!”


“I am a fellow outcast – rediscovering myself in a big, scary world.  Thank-you, oh thank-you for finding yourself and sharing your story”


“I feel overwhelmed.  I just wanted to say how beautiful your book is and to thank you from those of us still trying to break free.  You are a gift”


“Tears.  Love it.  Couldn’t feel more this way.  Grew up in foster homes.  Stifled the artist.  Never felt like I fit in.  Still don’t.  Still searching for the courage to be me.  Thank-you.”


“Wow.  I’ve just read that and cried.  This is me, and I’ve been told so many of the same things.  I am trying to dig myself out of ‘normal’.  You do what you do for ALL of us”


“Your poem is beautiful.  It captured my heart and my mind.  I want to have your books around for myself and as a reminder to allow my children to be the ‘Hats’ that they are”


“I’m spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to get my ‘HAT’ness’ back and trying to understand how I lost it in the first place.  I now have a little boy and I don’t want him to lose sight of his dreams as I lost sight of mine”


Would you like to preview the first 18 pages of Hat's book?

You can also read some extra feedback from people all over the world who resonated with Hat’s story.

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