Do you own a guest house, furnished holiday home, game lodge or hotel?

If you have furnished accommodation in an inspiring location (anywhere in the world)… I’d love to discuss a creative exchange: your accommodation in exchange for our creative offerings.

  As a semi-nomadic family of four, we’re a bit unusual.   In general, the tourism industry doesn’t cater for location-independent artists & filmmakers who roadschool and worldschool their kids.   Most furnished accommodation has been created for holiday-makers, prepared to pay some pretty hefty per-night rates.  Many tourists can afford this because their stays are short (usually ranging from 3 – 10 days).

But our family is often on the road for longer seasons.  We enjoy slow-travel… and prefer to stay in one spot for at least 5 days… and sometimes, for as long as 3 months!  Of course, the usual “per-night” holiday-rate for our lengths of stay would add up to exhorbitant amounts of money.

So – I’ve come up with an idea that I believe would benefit us (as a family) – and it would benefit you (as the owner of the furnished, self-catering accommodation in question).

Read on…

Here’s what we’re looking for…

  • Discounted (or free) furnished, self-catering accommodation for a family of 4.
  • Anywhere in the world – in-season or out-of-season… for however long you’re willing to have us.
  • We’re looking for places that are visually inspiring.  Places with beautiful views, set in inspiring surrounds.  As an artist, I’m deeply moved and inspired by beauty.  Especially natural beauty (but I also love being in culturally interesting cities).  We don’t need the latest-greatest gadgets, we don’t care about cable TV.  Beautiful, inspiring spaces are at the top of our list.
  • As a family – we’re on the hunt for places that can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children… with enough space for all of us to live, work and create (so… patios are nice.  Extra tables are nice.  Gardens are great… etc).
  • Ideally – we’d need internet access.  We work and earn a living on the road – so wifi is more of a necessity than a luxury these days.  That being said – we would be prepared to compromise if there was a delectable cabin on offer (with no wifi).
  • Nice to have (but not critical):  a dishwasher (we all hate washing dishes), a garden / pool / space for our kids to run…
  • The kind of inspiring places that we drool over – and would love to stay in – are here.  But we’re definitely not gonna turn up our noses at simpler offerings…

To put your mind at ease…

Here’s what we don’t expect from you:

  • We don’t expect you to pay for our travel arrangements (we’ll find our way to you).
  • We don’t expect you to feed us.
  • We don’t expect you to clean up after us.
  • We don’t expect you to just let us stay indefinitely.  You let us know when you have a gap and what length of time you’re able to accommodate us… and we’ll slot ourselves in.

To put your mind at ease:

  • We are the opposite of loud-party-people.  We don’t smoke, we don’t travel with pets… and the only alcohol we’ll drink is an occasional glass of wine or a tot of Amarula Cream.
  • Our kids (aged 11 and 9) are very respectful of other people’s belongings.  We’ve stayed in homes that are filled to the brim with treasures and breakables… and my kids have always been especially careful with these things.  You can trust us with your beautiful hideaway.  Promise.

Here’s what we can offer in return…

Want to see some of my creations and photos?

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Here’s some ideas of what we can offer in return for your accommodation:

  • An original artwork – created by me – of an image of your choice (whether it’s a building, the landscape surrounding your hideaway… or even a person).
  • We could take some really nice photos… draw some sketches… and write a story on my blog (providing links to future guests).
  • I could create an illustrated map of your area – or a personalised treasure hunt (for future guests & visitors).
  • I could create a book or journal – specifically for your lodge / hideaway (for the use of future guests & visitors).
  • I’m happy to host creative workshops… songs & stories evenings (if you have a piano)… give talks… answer questions about the creative journey – you name it.
  • We could give a screening of our short film, “Starry Night” and host a discussions about the challenges that have faced artists over the ages…
  • I’m happy to give away signed copies of my books.
  • I’m open to other thoughts or suggestions you might have…

Here’s some examples of the kinds of art I’m able to create for you:

Hong Kong....

Cape Town

School-yard fun...

If you’re interested… or curious… or if you have any questions, pop me an e-mail.

And don’t forget to browse my Flickr Portfolio so you can get a much better idea of what kind of creative-makings I’m able to offer…


Some of our favourite travel-nests…