Hey peeps…

I’ve been silent on the blog-front for a week or three, so I thought I’d just write a quick little post to let you know what’s up – in list form.

  •  We spent almost 2 months in Durban (while Nick worked on a film that was shot there).  But now we’re back in Joburg until December – January’ish.
  • Some of you may remember that I entered my first art competition (The Luxembourg Art Prize).  I did not make it to the finals.  This news predictably sent me back into my usual “See!?  What’s the use! Of course I’m not a real artist!  Who do I think I’m fooling?” self-sabotaging little hole.  BUT(insert cheers of glee!)… I did not languish in that place!  I managed to climb OUT of that hole pretty quickly and have used the Luxembourg experience to hatch a couple awesome-crazy plans with Nick (that I’ve been instructed NOT to tell you…. yet).
  • This has been a year of firsts.  One of my most recent… most unexpected… (insert jig of triumphant glee) firsts – is that Perfect Hideaways has been paying me – like, actual money – to write occasional blog posts for them.  And better yet – I’m not expected to morph into a Serious-Writer and write all… y’know… professional-like.   I’ve been instructed to just beeeeee myself (which is an enormous relief!).  My first paid post for Perfect Hideaways was this one.
  • The 24-minute short-film that Nick and I shot earlier this year (“Starry Night”) is finished.  We had a small, informal premier last week at Ster Kinekor’s head office theatre.  The film is now on it’s way to various international film festivals – and it’s already opened doors for Nick to move from editing to directing.  He’ll direct his first feature film next year (and I’ll be on board too… of course).
  • I have written (and done some rough sketches) the first 22 pages of illustrated-poem-#2 (more about that later).
  • I have ever-so-slowly been updating my website with a whole new section called “What I DO” which I’m slowly loading with photos and stories and factoids (much…much… much… more still to be added – but it’s a start).

I have all kinds of other news… but that’s just a quick, mini-round up.  My mom is expecting me for lunch at her place… so I can’t linger in front of the laptop for too long today.

I’ll chat again soon-soon!

H@ x