So… today I updated my “About Me” page with a long, rambling post…

One of the things it has taken me a long time to come to terms with is my inconsistency… or maybe – a kinder way to say it is:  “Every-Day-Change”.

My HAT’ness (who I am) is pretty consistent… but what I DO (and how I do it?)… it’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s different every day!

You know how there are artists who are known for a certain style?  And one can easily recognise their paintings – because they consistently keep with their style?

Well… suffice to say…

…I just can’t do it.  Every day is different.  Every day is new.  Although… I seem to go through these seasons… where certain themes keep popping up all over the place (whether in my art journals, wall paintings – or even thoughts)…

Sometimes, I find myself returning to these themes or styles… and sometimes, I come up with something completely new.

Anyhoo… since I’m a visual person – I thought it would be fun to demonstrate (with pictures) all the random themes that pop up in my art (and thoughts).

Here goes:

The Geometrically-Shaped-Humans-and-Animals

I started drawing this kind of stuff (above) about a year ago.  Earlier this year (and especially as we were preparing for our short film)… I was churning out all kinds of geometrically shaped people and animals.

I have no clue why.  I never know why.

I think I’ve mentioned it somewhere before – that I don’t paint what I see… I paint and create what I feel… and I just… I dunno… felt like making lots of strangely shaped creatures!

Next up is….

Ink blots & butterflies…

My thing with ink blots… (and especially butterflies) also began last year some time – but the heat has been turned up and I’ve created a whole bunch more butterfly & ink-blot themed art.  In fact, since we’ve been in Durban… I have created 6 (detailed) paintings that are themed around butterflies, cocoons and transformation (haven’t photographed them yet to share with you).

Okay… next up is… (drum roll!)…

Organic, flowy creations that make me think of nature

I like drawing flowy things…

But (with everything I do)… I don’t ONLY like drawing flowy things.  I also like creating messy, ranty, not-very-flowy paintings… like this:

Messy, Not-Flowy, Ranty Paintings

Suffice to say… I could go on and on.

I’m not sure if this is going to hurt me, somehow.  Especially if I have any hope of being taken seriously by the larger “Art Community” out there… who seem to value consistency and artists who are known for a particular style or subject matter… (though I could be wrong…)

During this latest Season of Transformation (which I briefly mentioned at the end of my last post – and which I will elaborate on a lot more next week)… I have been pondering a lot on these sorts of things.

Wondering if… and how… I can find a way to get my foot in the door of the art world… and whether there’s a way for me to – y’know – make some actual money whilst creating, experimenting, arting… and just being ME.

Okay.  Too tired to ruminate any more… so signing off for now.

Chat later, peeps! x