…and Hat the explorer loved searching for treasure…!

The other day, I had another omigosh-I-can’t-believe-I-didn’t-see-this-before epiphany.

And, it has to do with treasure.  And treasure hunts.  And clues, hidden secrets, maps, riddles and all that kind of wonderful stuff.

Let me start with some background.  My favourite childhood movie was The Goonies.   I loved the Goonies!  I loved the map, the clues, the hidden entrance to the hidden tunnel… the secret wishing well… the pipe-organ with the finger-bone keys… the waterslide… the huge, hidden cave… the pirate ship, the treasure room – I loved it all.

In the years following, I was enthralled with King Solomon’s Mines (is this giving away my age?)… Romancing the Stone…  Indiana Jones (I still have the whole set – watched more times than I care to admit)…  and many-many more.

I have a thing for hidden treasure.

And it’s not so much the treasure itself that I have a thing for.  What intrigues me the most about these stories is this:

  • the hunt:  the journey of discovery
  • the process of uncovering and re-discovering what was once lost
  • the risky-adventure
  • the challenge of deciphering clues and translating riddles
  • the excitement (and nervousness) of not knowing what lies around the next corner
  • the searching, the DO’ing – the fact that there’s nothing passive about a treasure hunt
  • the reward!

And I LOVE that a treasure-hunt-adventure-story is never (ever!) dull or predictable!

As a kid, I would bury treasure and I’d create treasure maps and clues so that my friends could embark upon a mini treasure hunt themselves.  Suffice to say – my Dad’s Prince Charles and Lady Diana collectors coins are still embedded in the earth of a Benoni smallholding  (I think there were a few rings in there too).

Now… hold that thought for a second… 

Over the past number of years, I have met so many-many people who have misplaced their MUCH’ness.  They’ve forgotten who they truly are.  They’ve lost – in a sense – a precious treasure.

Also (over the years – and especially since I began posting off my book to all sorts of people) – I have been asked the following question:

“So glad to hear your story.  I can relate.  I’ve also lost my muchness / HAT’ness somewhere along the line.  My current situation is making me miserable – but I’m not sure what will make me happy.  I don’t think I’m particularly good at anything or passionate about anything.  I wouldn’t even know where to begin to find myself again.  Can you give me any practical steps?  Do you have any kind of practical advice that could help me find what I lost? How can I begin a journey if I don’t know where to start or even which direction I should go?”

I can’t tell you how often I have heard this question asked (obviously in varying ways).

And I have given it lots (and LOTS) of thought…

I have spent months and months thinking, chewing and pondering on that question…

Because – sure – over the years, I have have collected a mountain of stuff that has helped me on my journey.  And I have SO much to say!  SO MUCH I could share about the practicalities involved in changing one’s life.

But – every time I tried to figure out how to SHARE what I’d learned – it always ended up sounding…



… like some kind of horrible 10-Step-Plan (with accompanying pie-chart),  a Quick-Fix-Diet or a talk given by one of those slick motivational speakers in a corporate boardroom.


When, the truth is, my journey towards re-discovering my HAT’ness has been the opposite of dull!  It has been an incredible journey filled with wonder, discovery, adventure and scary-stuff.  It has been a wild ride!  It has taken me to places (both physically and metaphorically) that I never thought I’d go!  It has been the ultimate Treasure Hunt!

And recently – it clicked:  WHY don’t I do what I did (as a kid)…?

Instead of answering The Question with a list of steps and advice (yawn!)why don’t I create a treasure hunt instead?  (As I did when I was a kid…??)

The Treasure Hunt would come in the form of a 6-week-journey… and participants would be posted a box (a Secret Box – there will be no photos of what’s inside the box!)… but I can say this:  the box would contain a map, a task, a set of clues… and a reward.

Every month – for 6 months, you’d receive your next Secret Box (and each box would be a continuation of the journey – all interlinked – all containing goodies and items that will play a role in your own, personal treasure hunt)…

Obviously – there’s so much more I’d like to share (and I have gone into enormous detail – planning out how this might look – and all the (mostly hand-made) goodies that will be included in the box).

But – in the meantime – I wanted to give you guys a heads-up!

SO… IF you want to be kept in the loop – about this 6-week-Treasure-Hunt and the Secret Boxes – delivered directly to your door…  CLICK HERE to be added to the Treasure Hunters e-mail list.  

Looking forward to your feedback!  X