I’m typing this at the kitchen table in the home of our friends, Danielle and Conrad Michael.  We’re in Grove City, Ohio.  Outside, the snow is drifting down.  It feels like a huge cloud-giant is gently sprinkling icing sugar on the world below.  Everything is powder-white and perfect.

Inside, it’s warm and toasty.  I have a big cup of coffee on the table next to me.  And I have SO much to tell you… Readers-of-this-Blog…

The past couple of weeks have been a flurry of activity and emotions.

As everyone knows by now, Nelson Mandela passed away.  I read the news on Facebook after returning from a long, fun-filled day at Universal Studios theme park.  Madiba’s passing put me in a very introspective mood… and I spent a number of hours composing a very intense blog (which I haven’t yet published, for a number of reasons).  After that, we moved around the country pretty quickly.  Tampa… White Springs… Chattanooga… Indianna… and now Ohio.

The journey has been fascinating and I have lots to share (in photos and in thoughts).

So this is a quick:  I-have-not-dropped-off-the-face-of-the-earth post… we are still travelling… still having long, deep conversations about our future plans… still endeavouring to live authentically and to do the stuff that matters to us… still questioning what it means to live and think outside of the box…

Chat soon-soon… x