Nick and I have taken thousands of photos over the years – here’s a handful of our favourites, and the stories behind the pics… (I’ve put our initials in brackets after each of the photos – so you can see which of us snapped the pic).

Above:  This was taken at a church in Jovellanos, Cuba.  Two people listening to the sermon – one guy catching some Zzzz’s… (N)

Above:  I just LOVE the resourcefulness of Africans!  We came across a group of singers and musicians in the most rural parts of Zambia.  No money to buy a guitar?  No worries – just make one!  (He was very proud of his guitar – and I was very moved to hear him play and sing). (H)

Above:  I took this photo on our honeymoon in Austria.  We were touring a castle in Saltzburg – and this tree was in the centre of the castle courtyard.  I like the sun glinting through the snow-laden boughs. (H)

Above:  Closer to home in Gordon’s Bay (Cape Town) – these kids were playing soccer on the beach and mistakenly kicked their ball into the sea.  Nick went in to retrieve it for them – and I snapped a pic. (H)

Above:  A bus full of people in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  I loved how all their busses and taxis were so colourfully decorated. (H)

Above:  This was taken in Choma, Zambia.  The Zambian Orphan Choir was going on a trip to the USA – but they all needed passports (obviously).  This is a photo of Prince, one of the singers, getting his passport photo taken.  (H)

Above:  And this photo is taken of the “Photography Studio” in Choma where the choir members had their passport photos taken.  (H)

Above:  I like the colours on this one… Nick photographed these candles while we were exploring a very massive and very beautiful church in Salzburg, Austria. (N)

Above:  This one brings back nice memories.  I was 4 months pregnant with Morgan… floating in a river… in a wildlife reserve – somewhere outside Warmbaths.  The day was hot – the water was cool… bliss! (N)

Above:  I really like Zambia… full of friendly, hospitable people.   This photo was taken just outside Choma – at some kind of Scout camp or event. (H)

Above:  This man was in charge of the group above.  I just LOVE the labels on his shirt:  “Guide”, “Voyager”, “Explorer”, “Ranger”, “Companion”, “Friend”.  I want to be those things too! (H)

Above:  Another pretty tree picture – overlooking Saltzburg, Austria.  Lovely honeymoon memories… (H)

Above:  Choma.  The youngest member of the Zambian Orphan Choir waiting to get his passport photo taken. (H)

Above:  This was in Jovellanos, Cuba.  We stayed with a very hospitable family – and that’s their youngest son with his puppy. (H)

Above:  I love this photo for the sheer fun of it.  The guys actually managing to jump are my friends, Kali and Refilwe.  I am the one trying to jump.  This was taken somewhere in the Drakensberg during Winter. (N)

Above:  Another one of my favourite pics.  This is what happens when you show rural children how a digital camera operates.  I spent ages playing with them – taking their picture – and then showing them the screen so they could see themselves in action.  They loved it. (H)

Above:  Same as the pic above – a bunch of very excited children in Choma – playing with my camera. (H)

Above:  Choma.  Zambia has a lot of home-industries that support women and children. Some very inspiring stuff… (H)

Above:  This was taken in Santa Clara, Cuba.  Nick and I weren’t married at the time – we were very platonic friends.  For the whole duration of our visit to Santa Clara, the man (in the photo above) called me “Fatty Girl”.  He seemed to think it was a compliment.  Afterwards – he sent me a letter proposing marriage!  Eeeek!  (N)

Above:  Nick took this lovely photo of a sunbird on top of Table Mountain (Cape Town). (N)

Above:  Closer to home in Khetani Township (KwaZulu Natal) – this is a picture of Sebenzile and her children.  Sebenzile was one of my Role Models for the Tapestry of Dreams project.  (N)

Above:  Nick saw this written on one of the drums – in a church – in Jovellanos, Cuba.  (N)

Above:  I don’t know who took this pic – because I wasn’t there.  I just think it’s such a funny image of Nick and his business partner, Joel – sitting on top of a newly captured croc (in Honduras or Costa Rica – can’t remember which).

Above:  Members of the Zambian Orphan Choir doing each others’ hair. (H)

Above:  I have always loved this picture of this man selling potatoes in Kaduna, Nigeria. (H)

Above:  Another one of our Tapestry of Dreams “Role Models” – Zanele.  This was taken outside of the home she shared with her son and her mother in Khetani Township, KwaZulu Natal.  Sadly, her mother (pictured in the background) passed away a few short months later. (N)

Above:  Another one of my favourite photos.  This was taken in a combination community / church meeting in the very rural parts of Zambia (quite a drive to get there).  After the meeting, they served us a very delicious meal… such a wonderful, hospitable community.

Above:  This was taken in Kaduna, Nigeria.  I love the colours! (H)

Above:  I’ll never forget this story.  We were sitting in a church service (in Jovellanos, Cuba) – and there was a local man who always used to stand outside and watch the service through the window.  We asked why he didn’t just join everyone inside – and there were a number of responses.  Some people said it was because he was shy… others said he was a hermit… others said he was a bit strange-in-the-head… and someone even said that it was because he smelled too bad. (N)

Above:  This was taken at Monkey Valley Lodge outside of Cape Town.  I was one of the speakers at the Cell C Girl Achiever Bootcamp.  This photo is of some of the girls working on a collage project I had given them.  I have loads of beautiful memories from that camp – and I’m still in contact with a number of the girls.

Above:  Jovellanos, Cuba (N)

Well – that’s all for now.  I have hundreds of photos I could add in this blog… so many memories and experiences – priceless stuff!  But I’m procrastinating horribly on other work.  So – I’ll end off for now.  Thanks for reading!  🙂